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The Divide co-creator Tony Goldwyn has confirmed plans for a second season. and speaking on behalf of WE tv’s first original scripted drama, Goldwyn assured The Daily Beast that we’ll get “a resolution” to the central case by the end of the first season. however, being an ongoing…

Loved, Loved your review, looking forward to listening to more reviews from you, this is my first. Like you and most people from This fandom, I support anything TG.  The Divide looks very promising and I think the group did a fantastic job with the premiere. Nia, was just FAB, she has presence and brings such character to Billie Page. I fell immediately for Jenny, the actress portraying her is awesome, hopping to see more of her in the coming eps. 

My favorite character is by far Marin Ireland’s, closely followed by Paul Schneider’s and I have to say I didn’t find Nia Long as good as I thought she would be, but I think that’s because things for her (as in problems) heat up in ep 3. I think Damon Gupton is also very good… he plays someone who is very questionable for many reasons throughout the entire first two episodes, but at the end… we may see the REAL him appear, despite his boundless ambition. The first two episodes were magnificent from every point of view. It will take time for the show to find a bigger audience, WEtv is SO damn small it is never listed n ratings… but I think the show WILL make it bigger.




Tony takes the BEST selfies.

This is SO funny and cute!

Dorky and adorable!!



Tony Goldwyn had busy morning Today

Tony was on CBS This Morning, then went to The Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM Radio, Then he went to Sway In The Morning, Then he did Live Interview on Huff Post Live.

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awww how cute is that pic with Marin ?

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Tony Goldwyn and Damon Gupton takes Selfie together at end The Divide Premiere Live Tweeting



Tony Goldwyn Selfies From Live Tweeting of Series The Divide

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Kerry Washington at Comic-Con 2012

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